Do you laugh at George W. Bush?

Have you ever scanned the humor section of a book store and found the many titles ridiculing others to be, well, humorous?

People who are in the public eye, such as politicians, actors and the like are quite aware they can and will be mocked. It inevitably comes with the territory. You know the saying: fame has its price.

Now, let’s apply this theory to the Internet.

If you are a well known blogger, you are, in fact, a type of celebrity. As the owner of a public blog, you are inviting everyone to view into your personal life. You have the option of what you post and how intimate the content.

This being the case, why would you post embarrassing things and then get offended when someone mocks you? Perhaps because the person in question doesn’t realize how normalcy challenged she is.

It is uncommon for one to publicize privy details about oneself, such as the sexual relationship with your spouse. Where is the respect for your partner’s privacy? Posting your sexual escapades shows the maturity of a fifteen year old.

But I digress. She must attempt to keep an audience with some pitch, and being as she does not posses the physical attractiveness of most “camgirls”, she must broadcast what she has available.

Other strange subjects are breast size, breast milk colors, the act of breastfeeding and the purchasing of plus size intimate garments. However, if she receives a comment regarding her breasts from male visitors, she takes offense.

How do I put this? If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the roach infested kitchen… or ants, or fleas, or whatever you have this week. My point is, do not publicize your life if you can’t handle snide remarks.

Common sense, eh?

  1. “Posting your sexual escapades shows the maturity of a fifteen year old.”

    So true. I recall being much younger and telling everyone and their cousin about my exploits. It was like a badge of courage or something. As I’ve grown I’ve become to respect intimacy as a much more personal thing, and don’t feel the need to flaunt it everywhere.

  2. sorry but bloggers and camgirls are NOT celebrities.

  3. I wonder who you could be referring to…!!

    You give that girl way too much time, sick as she might be. but this is exactly what she wants!! she wants people to pay attention to her and bitch about what shes writing. she posts things like that because she knows you’re gonna write about it. if you just ignore her then she’ll hopefully give up cause her childish behaviours not having the effect she wants. you have to ignore screaming kids once in a while else they start to get on your nerves, know what i mean, heheh.

  4. Hey, I just came here for the free booze

  5. Right john, cause you’re a huge drinker!

  6. Celebrities and bloggers are the same in that they live a public life. Albeit celebs have people who “find” things about them by snooping and bloggers (well, some) give “too much” information freely. So yes, in ways they are the same. That is exactly the point I was trying to make.

    This is my entertainment and it is actually helping my writing. It is somewhat of an argumentive essay :D

    She likes this kind of attention? I’d be very ashamed, but then again I have a bit of pride.

  7. At TMI live jornal community, some certain person posted one day that she had DP with her housband and a dildo, and then she took a crap and the cum came all brown. How classy!

  8. common sense just isnt that common……… its too bad. nice post, ive wondered the same for a while now.

  9. Who are you talking about? Add some url’s!

  10. Here’s a url for you ;)


  11. Oh lordie…

  12. Bet you didn’t know that! ;)

  13. Some things should be kept private.

  14. Went to that LJ.