Ketchup is by far my favorite condiment, but I hate spending ten minutes trying to open those little packets of ketchup just to get out enough to cover two fries.

The people in Collinsville, Illinois must have hated those little packets too.

Not only has the community squeezed out the record for the world’s largest ketchup bottle – I hope it wasn’t one of those glass ones that you have to hold at a certain angle – but now they’re after the record for the largest ketchup packet!

A plastic container, measuring 8’ x 4’, will be filled with almost a ton of ketchup. After sealing up the large packet of tomato paste, the city plans on keeping it in the city for a few days and then shipping it off to Heinz.

All of this to raise money for a local school that was damaged by fire.

What a waste of ketchup.

  1. A waste of ketchup? It depends.

    How big is the burger?

  2. That is a waste of ketchup! I think that’s one of my favorite condiments too. I also like soy sauce.

  3. I’m a mustard girl. Although, I’ll take them mixed together on occasion. :)

  4. I’ve heard that ketchup is the best sex food in the world. But yea that is a waste of ketchup.

  5. [quote post=”1234″]I’ve heard that ketchup is the best sex food in the world. But yea that is a waste of ketchup.[/quote]

    Wow. You would know if you were walking in on copulation or murder. And the MESS!

    I hate mess. STOP THE IMAGE IN MY HEAD!!

  6. haha Anna nah I just have a gay friend with a huge mouth. He was always talking about how ketchup was the BEST sex food in the world.

  7. That’s… scarily disgusting.

  8. lol John you didn’t have to live with him. I did. Now that’s scary. Having to live with a ketchup crazy gay person… rawr.