I have this wild plan to create new Beatles songs.

All right, maybe not wild, but rad.

Ok, rad is also the wrong word, but I’m excited about it.

So, on my iPod (the only thing I ever write about anymore), I have about 60 different mash-ups. Since my students didn’t know what mash-ups were, I will assume that at least one person out there needs me to tell them that a mash-up is when a DJ mixes elements from one song or more songs with elements from another (or more) song.

The most famous one of these, at least ’round these parts, mashed up Oasis’ “Wonderwall” with Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

Anyhow, during the early 1970s, all four Beatles were releasing albums. It would be a simple matter for a DJ to find some similar sounding songs from the Beatles’ solo albums and mix them together into a single song.

Some songs would be easy to mix because it just makes sense that they go together.

For example, Lennon’s “Merry Christmas, War is Over” would be lightened up considerably using one of the chorus’ of McCartney’s “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” as a bridge.

Also, would it be great to hear sections of Lennon’s “Imagine” mixed together with parts of Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord?” It would be like having the argument for and against the existence of God all in nice, tidy three minute package.

How about Lennon’s “Cold Turkey” and Starr’s “The No-No Song?” “The No-No Song” could be the outro. Like, first he’s all serious about kicking drugs and then he’s all elated.

Oh! And Lennon’s “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” answered with McCartney’s “Silly Love Songs.” As if Silly Love Songs are what gets McCartney through the night!

I’m just saying that this is a genius idea and, though I lack the skill to make it happen, I figure if I stick it out on the interweb, somebody will do it.


  1. Not a bad idea at all… actually I’m surprised that no already HAS done that. Have you looked online?

  2. They’re too busy mashing up Jay-Z with Linkin Park again for something this awesome to happen.