I am a mother. I�d like to think that this far into the game, I have a decent understanding of what makes a good parent. I also hold out the hope that most other mothers do what is in their child�s best interest.

You can say it, I�m naive.

I wrote a few weeks ago about Jolene. The entry can be read here.

I thought it was bad enough that she rarely sees her kid, smokes tons of pot, and is constantly having pregnancy scares. As it often happens, it got worse.

Jolene had, shall we say, a bad day. It started out with some Babydaddy drama, and then her friend came over. She was telling her friend about it all.

�So then I told Stephanie that I be beating my apartment up, by this time we were compeletely gone, I told her that when I�m mad I be bouncing pop bottles off the walls…�

Alright. Maybe it�s just me, but when I�m angry I don�t throw soda bottles. I get irritated, I go for a walk, I take a shower, but I�ve never thrown soda bottles.

Her friend and her go out to get some cigarettes. Jolene is still in a bad mood and a stranger asks her what�s wrong and if he can help. She responds.

�…I said No, he�s like are you sure so I flip around and I�m like look, I just want to be alone, if you don�t get the fuck away from me, I�m going to knock your ass to the ground and stomp your face in.�

Nice one! I�ll bet she�s the type who also bitches when people don�t help her.

After dropping her friend off, she starts on the walk home.

�…I�m walking home behind this old couple, this old bitch was about to get a beat down, so she lets me pass and she�s all, you need to say something, don�t be walking behind me like that so I�m like Bitch, I�m high and I�m pissed off…�

I don�t even know what to say. This girl is fucking nuts. Later that night, she�s talking to her Babydaddy, and he mentions something from their past.

�You pissed me off. He was like, I ain�t trying to piss you off, I know you gonna try to stab me up and shit. He seen me, 2 years ago when he first put his hands on me, I came to his ass with a big ass butcher knife, I was like put your hands on me one more fucking time, I�m going to kill you�re ass, had that bitch crying.�

She wraps up the entry with, �Robert called me violent on tuesday, do you think I am, I mean seriously?�

Let�s think about this…Jolene? Violent? Um….YES. I get angry sometimes, we all do, but that is an atrocious amount of anger. If she can lash out at strangers, trash her own home, and pull a knife on her then-boyfriend, I have to wonder how she handles her anger when her son misbehaves. Reading that stuff made me physically ill, and I�m beginning to think that her letting her son live with his father is the best thing, although his father smokes pot too.

In light of all of this, I�ve put together a small list of parenting tips for her.

  • Don�t smoke pot. Not only is it a stupid thing to do since you can lose your kids over it, if you�re on welfare you probably shouldn�t be spending your cash on drugs.
  • Children learn what they see. So if your son sees you throwing shit at a wall or pulling a knife on every Tom, Dick, and Harry, you�re going to get a call from Pre-K when your son throws blocks at the wall and tries to knife the other kids with a tinker toy.
  • While spelling and grammar aren�t overly important, try not to look ignorant. When abbreviating �message�, it�s msg, not MSG. MSG is an acronym. For Monosodium glutamate. So unless you left your new boyfriend a box of Hamburger Helper or some Chinese food, you are incorrect.
  • All the time you spent at the movies, the corner store, the bus station and in bed with your new men would be better spent with your son. Unless you�re trying to raise a distant, resentful young man. If you are, WAY TO GO, you�re doing wonderfully.
  • GET A JOB. Try making honest money. Maybe if you have to work for your cash you�ll see how frivolous pot, beer, and gambling are. I have no problem with people on government assistance, if they�re trying to better themselves. Our tax dollars should not pay for you to sit on your ass and abuse your child.

And �abuse� is the only word I can think of to describe her poor parenting. It sickens me.

  1. Aw Crap! When I started writing my piece that bumped you, you hadn’t posted yet. Mea Culpa! So sorry!

  2. It’s alright, I’ll forgive you.

    this time…

  3. That sort of thing makes me so sad. People like that should not be allowed to reproduce!

  4. someone should report her site to the police. It’d make great confession with all the misdemoners (sp) and felonies she admits too.

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