Our Final Morning in New Orleans
Started with breakfast at the notable Trolley Stop Café.
“Best café on St. Charles Avenue, folks!
The locals love it!”
The man at the front desk told us
As we boarded the trolley
Outside of our beautiful home
Away from home,
The Avenue Plaza Hotel.

Riding through the stunning Garden District,
Old homes from the 1800s.
An adorable, small café shaped like a trolley.
How could the locals not love it?
The waitresses called everyone darlin’,
Sweetheart, or girlfriend.

An order of chocolate milk for me,
Two coffees for them, and
Three daily specials – toast, bacon, sausage,
And pancakes dripping with butter and syrup.

A man in a bright purple, sparkly suit stood up.
“SHH! Pretty Tony has something to say!”
Heads turned to the table directly beside us,
Where a man in an orange tiger-striped suit
Lay on top of the table
Sleeping and unaware of what was going on.
“Go ahead Pretty Tony!”

“The local drunks… and their whores”
Whispered our waitress.
“They’re harmless though… Enjoy your food!”

Pretty Tony never spoke a word that day
In the Trolley Stop Café,
Too inebriated to comprehend what was going on
Around him, much like myself…
Although without the extra substance
Flowing through my veins.

  1. I remember the scene on the streets in New Orleans being incredible. We didn’t partake in the ridiculousness, and I really wanted go to back and tour one of the Vampire tours, but then I ended up coming home thinking “Next time.”

    Enter: Katrina.

  2. hm, that sounds pretty strange.. :)
    New Orleans sounds absolutely beautiful, I’ve always wanted to go there – maybe I should do something about that..