It’s been three years on June 26th that me and Christian have been together. Officially and monogamously.


So while we were bathing in our severe lack of funds on our anniversary in the morning i said: “you wanna get married on our five year anniversary?”

He said: “sure”

I said: “cool…. Its a Saturday too…”

The whole mood was very much like were just talkin’ shit. So you can imagine that later on that day when he called his mom and dad that we got engaged that my stomach dropped. But Ii called my gram and mom and friends and it was all good. We were suddenly engaged.

Woo hoo!

And then comes the fun part. Settling on a date. Planning it. Finding food. And service and omg. When I told my gram she made this statement like she thought she wasn’t gonna be around in two years so we bumped it to a year.

The cool thing is that everyone is kind of coming together to make it happen. My aunt and uncle volunteered to pay for my teeth and let me hold the ceremony and reception in their yard, my gram is giving us her ring, my mom is gonna pitch in and help pay for catering. Now Christian needs to call in his chips- his aunt can make the dress, his cousin can make the cake…… yeah.

The worst part of it is that my mom was jumping up and down like I’m some kind of leper who cant snag a guy because when i grab him my limbs fall off. Seriously mom. Seriously.

I have to tell you that, if you have never planned something like this, its very stressful. I feel like I have to have it all planned now and it makes me spastic. Like not only do i not have all the answers but I don’t have the funds and – well. I’m learning to breathe.

Honestly I would be perfectly satisfied with a trip to city hall, but a big deal must be made of this for some reason- maybe ’cause you only do it once (intentionally) and I’m not that girl who when she was little dreamed of her big day and frolicked around being a dumbass. No. I was like when i grow up I will have promiscuous sex with many people until i die.

Just kidding… kind of.

Anyway. everyone is telling me that this will all come together and it will be fantastic, so we’ll see. The only thing I have to figure out still is where I can rent plates, glassware, silverware and tables from.  Get any ideas?

  1. You may want to contact a wedding planner, and since you did most of the legwork and actual details, just have them plan the final stage of the event, maybe help cover any details you missed?

    And holy crap! Little Mary Sunshine is getting married! Congratulations, Midge!

  2. Congratulations! It sounds very frustrating and stressful, but also exciting at the same time. I hope you get everything planned as needed, and everyone does chip in where they can.

  3. I second what John said. The best decision my wife and I made while working on the wedding was getting a “day of” planner to run everything so we could just cruise through things and enjoy the day.

    And don’t listen to relatives who say “we can be your planner” because you can’t fire or criticize relatives in quite the same way that you can somebody who you hired.

    The other thing that helped us was to set a few things that we absolutely wanted and make everything else something we were willing to compromise over (because of cost). We skimped on the flowers and had a free outdoor wedding so we could put all of our money into a decent reception location with food that we liked. Obviously, you will have other things that are “must have” and some that are “meh.” Let the “meh” stuff be “meh” and don’t stress over it.

    Oh, and if you can, the night before the wedding? Take some time to just be together doing nothing. Its wicked nice.