Double Vision

Today at work, I realized I was seeing double. Literally. Well, less like twice my normal vision and more like one and a half. I would see an image and, slightly to the right, a sort of shadow image would be lingering next to it.

While this is troubling, I actually want to talk about Yahoo Answers.

I am not going to provide a link. I encourage you to find Yahoo Answers using Google, since that annoys everyone involved – perhaps including you.

Since I have grown used to being the oldest person online, I figured I’d go to a place where ignorant youths ask inane questions of moronic egotists. That would be, of course, Yahoo Answers and I’m pleased to say that I fit right in.

Basically, somebody asks a question in one of dozens of categories and you have the chance of answering that question. It isn’t really like a game. There is no right or wrong. Indeed, most of the teenagers who ask questions seem to be more interested in reading stuff that they agree with than stuff that is actually useful for them.

Despite this lack or right or wrong, you can win points for posting answers and especially for posting the “best answer.” I’ve found that detail doesn’t necessarily help you win these valuable points. However, blunt sarcasm does, so I’m on my way to level 2.

Oh, there are levels, also, which makes this like WoW for the ignorant, which is a problem since WoW is already for the ignorant.

Anyhow, that is where I’ve been chilling this week.

  1. Examples?

  2. Here is one of my best answers.

  3. I read through some of those… Some of the questions/answers are pretty funny, but for the most part there are too many people who spell like 3rd graders.

  4. That is exactly why they need us, Crys.

  5. i’m a not a big fan of yahoo answers…i don’t know why, but it just annoys the hell out of me =/

  6. I was told when I was younger,

    “teenagers know all the answers,
    but you don’t figure out the questions until you are forty.”

    This totally contradicts the flow of ‘Yahoo Answers’

    What do we do while in our 20s & 30s???