Doot Doot

Some people are idiots. Take, for example, this girl. She decided to attempt another conversation with me today. Here are the highlights.

xmazatchax: hiiii
xmazatchax: u suck
xIs it over yetx: hi
xmazatchax: really
xIs it over yetx: um no
xmazatchax: bads
xIs it over yetx: Who are you

Generally I start conversations off with a “Hey! How are you?” or a “What’s up?”. “u suck really bads” must be a trend I’m not up to speed on.

xmazatchax: you bitch
xmazatchax: about
xmazatchax: jennifer
xIs it over yetx: God. Let it go. I don’t like her. So what?
xmazatchax: it’s not fucking nice aiight
xIs it over yetx: and you iming me, and calling me a broad and bitch is nice?
xmazatchax: she’s kind
xIs it over yetx: Hypocrite much?

Hypocrites are the best. Especially served with peanut butter.

xmazatchax: u made
xmazatchax: fun of her
xmazatchax: cuz she was preg
xIs it over yetx: Where?

I discovered that she was talking about this post. I pointed out that there was no reply from me, agreeing or otherwise, and that never was anyone’s name mentioned. Until Jenn piped up about it. So really, who’s accusing who of being pregnant?

xmazatchax: oh man
xmazatchax: you’re
xmazatchax: ugly

After visiting my site, that’s what she threw at me. In the course of my e-Life I’ve come to discover a few things about people who play the “Ugly” card.

  • They don’t have anything even remotely resembling what we call a “valid argument”.
  • They don’t have pictures of themselves posted anywhere where they might be seen.
  • They don’t realize that those of us who are happy with how we look generally aren’t offended by such juvenile insults.

xmazatchax: bitch i’m from brooklyn.
xmazatchax: fear dosen’t exist in my vocabulary
xIs it over yetx: where in brooklyn
xmazatchax: why the fuck are you interested
xmazatchax: in what EYE do

Looks like someone needs to ask Santa for a Speak and Spell and a box of flash cards for Christmas this year.

xmazatchax: HOW HOW HOW

That was after reading that I have a baby. Apparently she doesn’t know where they come from. She might learn something from this book.

This is where she starts babbling about god-knows-what and I basically ignore her. I love trolls, I really do. Especially when they write my entries for me.

  1. Troll bitches are retarded. She’s like, what, 11? One day she’ll grow up and look back and realize how retarded she is.

    Or – she won’t, and Darwin will take care of her!

  2. its so funny to me that its always 10-16 year old kids who do stuff like this…just to show how “mature” they are compared to you. whats sad is that they cant even grasp how lame that really makes them look!! ;)

  3. I honestly don’t know why…but invalids truly amuse the hell out of me.

  4. thats how i talk to john all the time.

  5. And that’s the sound of the english language dying.
    That was horrible, the silly girl.

  6. 20 bucks says it was Jennifer the Hutt IM’ing you.

  7. Would be hilarious if it was Jenn herself, but according to her blog she’s FAR TOO SICK HURRR to do something like this right now. So it had to have been one of her minions. Sad, a thirty-something woman who relies on a bunch of teenieboppers to defend her e-honor.

  8. Gotta clear this up for Lisa; she’s twenty-something. And a pathological liar.

  9. She’s twenty-something? Ahahahahahahaha. Ahaha. Haha.

    I read your entry on her kind wishes for that young mother-to-be, John – it’s what turned my attention to her. I never read her About Me page because frankly I think I’d get nauseous, and I just assumed her to be in her thirties somewhere. Considering her morally superior attitude, this is even more pathetic.

  10. but…. yo “she from brooklyn.. fear aint in her vocabulary..” gimme a fucking break.

  11. I know this is sort of off-topic. But i’ve been reading here at the dead end for quite some time now, but never really commented much because you kind of seem like you have your ‘dailies’, lol. I used to pick up for Jenn alot, and i hated what you all said about her (mainly John) .. but now i don’t you guys have proven to me what Jenn really is. Anyway, i just want to say i love this site, honestly! John, you’re blogs are awesome, very intersting.

  12. Lol – shes quite entertaining really :P

    I love the “eye”! HAHA

  13. Idiots are great, there’s no doubt about it. Especially the ones that give you so much material – like this. What I really don’t get is what she thought she’d gain by messaging you. She has to know you’d just get a laugh out of it, right? She’s so retarded she can’t even pull off being offensive LOL

  14. I wish I had people genrating material like that for me. These days, the best I can manage is cat pictures.

  15. Or “generating” as some say.