I hope you die.

Can you imagine telling someone that? It happens all the time, and it isn’t exactly the most fun thing to hear. Is it damaging? It could be, depending on the strength of your soul.

I hope you miscarry.

Can you imagine telling a new mother-to-be that? That’s probably one of the worst things you could say to another person. You’re pretty much saying that you wish a baby that isn’t even alive yet, isn’t out in the world, isn’t crying and screaming die. Die before you’re even alive, a defenseless unborn child.

Guess who allegedly said it. I’ll bet you can’t.

You’ve got to be kidding me!!

If I told you that Jennifer from Kiss-My-Kitty.com said it, would you believe it? Probably not. She paints herself to be two steps short of a saint at her website, where she can do no wrong.

She bitches about her job, praises her child, and talks about having sex with her husband. She talks about her ill grandfather and prays that he’s going to get better soon. Jennifer talks about clothing she buys and things she does, but she’s always a positive force at KMK.

You’re probably saying, “John, if you’re saying she said something nasty on her site, why are you saying she’s all Saintlike?”

I never said she was cruel on her own site. God forbid she commit such a horrible sin. Jennifer wished an unborn child dead at another site.

Meet the Mom

She’s a 16 year old from Central Illinois. Allison from l0ve-song.net is a very-new Mommy-to-be.

A month or so ago, her and her boyfriend were “hanging out” and he apparently gave her a “little gift.” Since then she’s been supported by both her mother and father, which she seems a bit surprised about but is happy for.

“I’m way excited,” Allison told me about her pregnancy. “I can’t wait to go through this experience. It’s amazing knowing there’s LIFE inside of you.”

It’s going to be a long road ahead for Allison. “I will have to grow up sooner and be independant sooner than most people my age,” she said. “It is also more important that I get my high school diploma now.”

Both her parents are supportive, but what about Allison’s boyfriend, John? “He is nervous,” she admits, “along with me, but we are both very excited to hold our child in our arms, knowing we made it together.”

So how the Hell does a 16 year old raise a child? “I plan on working as far as I can,” Allison said, “and my boyfriend plans on having two jobs.” Another thing she has is support from her family, so if she needs anything she knows she can count on them.

However, some of Allison’s blog readers aren’t exactly supportive. Some of them said some harsh things about Allison’s decision to keep her child, being one herself at the age of 16. “It’s unbelieveable how rude people can be,” she said. “It’s really none of their business if I decide to have a kid or not.”

The worst comment came from “Jennifer”, who linked her website to http://www.kiss-my-kitty.com.


My first thought was that this was the comment of a cruel, heartless bitch. Especially coming from someone who had a miscarraige when she was 17 or 18. Knowing what it’s like to have life inside you only to have it die before it has a chance to live, how could anyone wish it upon someone else?

Wait, Jennifer had a miscarraige?!?!?

from http://foreverus.pitas.com/
Wednesday, September 5, 2001
Shocking shocking shocking news. This is gross, and horribly detailed, but hey, what else is new? I stopped taking birth control six weeks ago. Since then, I’ve had two NORMAL periods- normal length, normal flow, etc. The last one ended on August 23rd. I started bleeding again on September 2nd. Not regular blood, but thick dark brownish-black blood. I’m still bleeding now. So, figuring I had some sort of infection, I went to the doctor’s earlier tonight to find out about that, as well as to get some medicine for this cold I have- which apparently is actually bronchitis, thanks to my co-worker and manager in training Gerald. Anyway, I found out from the doctor that basically, I had a miscarriage.

But then I had some doubts. Maybe this was someone who was pretending to be Jennifer, so some idiot (like me) would jump on it and create some kind of stir. Seriously, how could someone who went through a miscarraige wish this on someone else?

I was able to ask Jennifer what she thought about the whole thing.

Me: there’s a comment left at www.l0ve-song.net where “Jennifer” told Allison (?) that “She” hopes the girl miscarries
Me: Have you seen it?
Me: I’d like to get your thoughts about this, especially if this is not your comment. Here’s the link to the actual page so you can see it if you haven’t already. http://l0ve-song.net/?p=20
Jennifer from KMK: Actually, no, I hadn’t. However, it doesn’t surprise me to see people do this kind of thing. It happens every now and then.

It’s possible that maybe I was duped, that perhaps I did see this as a prime opportunity to write something harsh about her. So I decided to go a different route with my questioning.

Me: What do you think about a 16 year old girl mother-to-be?
Jennifer from KMK: My thoughts are irrelevant. I’m sorry, but I refuse to provide any fuel for your little fires.
Me: So it doesn’t bother you that someone is out there claiming to be you, posting as you, and ruining your name?
Me: you simply brush that off as nothing?
Jennifer from KMK: I love how you turn the subject from my thoughts on teen pregnancy to my thoughts on fakers. Sure, on a small level it bothers me, but I have more important things to deal with. It’s not the first time this kind of thing has happened, and it probably won’t be the last, either. Crap like that isn’t going to ruin my day.
Me: You weren’t answering my question about teen pregnancy, so I figured I would ask you a different question. It’s not an unfair thing to do.

It didn’t look like I was going to get anywhere with her, apparently. It’s a good thing I asked Allison to check the IP address for that comment. Allison uses WordPress, which tracks IP addresses, and got back

I then asked Heather (fellow thedeadend.net writer and the heart of my life) to do a trace into her WordPress for the same IP address. Here’s a screenshot of what Heather found.

(click to enlarge)

I even did an IP trace using GeoBytes, just to be on the safe side:
     Ronks, Pennsylvania, just outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Where Jennifer lives.

I asked Allison her thoughts. “I was shocked to see she said that,” she replied. “Especially since she has her own daughter, she knows how it feels to be pregnant, how amazing it is… and to wish someone would miscarry is in my opinion just sick.”

I’m still amazed that Jennifer would stoop so low, especially when she tries so hard to be so nice on her own site.

[edited for addition]
Erin (below) left a URL in her comment showing a screenshot from her website showing a comment left by Jennifer on her own site. This is the link.

  1. Very interesting.

  2. *is sick* That’s a horrible and unforgivable thing for anyone to say, especially someone who acts like she should be mother of the year and has had her own miscarriage. As harsh as her words are it’s still classic of her – acting all nice and perfect then showing she’s not only to deny it when confronted… it’s just more disgusting and unforgivable this time.

  3. That’s just sick. To tell a mother that you hope she has a miscarraige is just disgusting. Especially seeing that she’s a mother herself for almost one year.. that’s just wrong. And to add to that, lying when she knew perfectly well that it’s very possible that people could find out if it’s actually her..

    Way to go.

    And yet people act like they freaking worship her and everything.. It’s.. omgwtfzbbqIdon’tgetit.

  4. The nasty bitch that said it should be shot. The End.

  5. I believe you stumbled upon the dark side of free speech.

  6. I think you’re all missing something here.
    Did Jennifer actually experience something that actually had an effect on her?
    From the passage above my interpretation is that she wasn’t aware of being pregnant in the first place, she wasn’t expecting to be pregnant, and the doctor alerted her to the fact that her abnormal bleeding was due to a miscarriage. I can’t really imagine that that embryo was developed much at all.

    I’ll agree it’s a very very low thing to wish on someone, but I disagree with the suggestion that Jennifer actually knows what it’s like.

  7. what is truly disturbing, as a mother, to wish the death of a child on someone else, whether in your womb or outside, there is still a bond. it would be as cruel as me wishing death on Jennifer’s child cause i think she’s irresponible, (which i am not), just making the correlation. If there is a god, i know he judges all, so i don’t go around judging people for anything they do. It’s HIS job, not mine, and Not JENNIFER’s, who’s is so low, she can’t even admit to her own statements, come on, if you are going to say it Jennifer, you might as well admit to it, and the ip’s say it all. Even your nonchalant attitude in your convo proves it to me, you can tell alot more about someone blowing you off, cause even your subconcious is speaking through you denial. get over yourself, let God judge…and i will let god judge you, cause in the end, he’s going to be the harder one.

    Lastly, I applaud Allison, it takes balls and guts, and an amazing amount of maturity to handle all of the situations she has endured presently. First pregnancy, some 30 year olds won’t do it, secondly, such a comment like that. I am proud of you dear, stay strong, and if you ever want to talk, mother to mother, i wouldn’t mind. i can already see that you are amzing and wonderful asset to the human race, unlike some people.

  8. Good job john, its about time someone shows that jenn isnt the lovely christian girl she pretends to be.

  9. *applauds*

  10. Oh wow that’s just the most horrible thing for anyone to say to another person. What a terrible person one must be to say that. Jenn must be really sick. I don’t know her at all, but I haven’t heard very much good about her.

  11. I’m glad you are posting this, Jen from KMK acts like she is higher than everyone because her site gets a lot of people. She has done things that are just horrible. Telling a sixteen year old that she hopes she miscarrys is sick and wrong. Jen is a bitch, as I’m sure a bunch of people know. She has ripped off my friend who payed her for hosting. Sorry this has turned into my own rant.

  12. My thoughts…

    Even though i don’t know you on a personal level you are beyond pathetic.

    Bothering to type this shit out makes you a very bland individual… and an attention seeker.

  13. shit, TGO is an asshole but even he wouldnt stoop that low to wish a misscarriage on someone. especially knowing how it feels to lose children.

    Its funny though that Jennifer calls Alisons bf trash when she is the poster child for white trash.

    hello kettle its the pot. You’re black

  14. I’m sorry but are you jenifer’s or alison’s keeper? I am aware of both of them and visit both thier sites on a daily basis and I actually like them both.

    Whether or not Jenn posted that comment is irrevelent. What business of yours is it? You wasted a whole blog entry talking about other people lives and buisness, doesn’t that seem wierd to you? and a lil creepy?

    sure telling someone that they hope they should miscarry is a horrible thing, but I don’t see what business it is of yours. It is between Alison and Jenifer.

  15. hey Gina, think about all the times Jen has done this? Figuring out IP addresses of people who have voiced their opinions on her site, etc.

    This is information for people, people that would like to know these things…if you dont like what is being said, click the box with the X and move on.

    And sorry Gina, that wasnt meant to be targetted at only you, its for everyone like that.

  16. thanks for posting this. people need to know.

  17. you guys who are telling john off- shut up. Jen constantly hunts down IP’s and posts long blog about bad things people post or do. So its kind of stupid to defend jen in this when she does the same thing all the time. you people really need help if your acually still on jens side. She fucken told someone she hoped their kid died! if i did that to jen you would all be spamming my site in a second and telling me what a horrible person i am

  18. Now, I’ve said some horrible things about Allison on my website, but I didn’t mean it, and I’ve apologized for it and closed the entries I’ve had on her.

    That said, I at least had the balls to admit I said these things, unlike Miss Hypocrite. I’ve also had some words with her, but I’m true to my word. I’m not going to speak of her anymore on my website.

    However, how dare she deny this? the proof is in the pudding my friend. That is from my website when I said the same thing. But unlike her, I explained why I said that to Allison, and Allison was cool about it.

    Allison might be young, but you know what? She’s better than Jennifer. When I first found Allison’s site, I will admit I was very grossed out by her. That changed when she dropped that Becky girl and got a new domain. She seems pretty stable now…and doesn’t go into graphic detail about her sex life.

    Jennifer is a two faced hypocrite..and her followers are just scary. They cannot see the forest from the trees and that…What do they gain from this? Hits? She’s not a friend by any means, so I do not understand.

  19. Wow. I just hope karma doesn’t come back and bite her in the ass.
    You just have to watch your effing mouth because you never know….

  20. found this blog of hers from following the links from that old blog you found:


    anal sex, pregnancy scares, vibrator dependency…


  21. Ugh. Now that’s just deviant…

  22. Very, very interesting.

  23. hey come on now, some of us haven’t eaten dinner yet.

  24. If I remember correctly, Jenn received death threats for her child not too long ago and was outraged that someone could blame a child and want to hurt one. Jenn should watch what she says or people will begin to see her for the faker she is.

  25. especially when she practically gives you directions to her house and work on her site.

  26. .. how can Jennifer from K-M-K be such a bitch? How can ANYONE say such a thing, it’s disgraceful. And really, there’s no point starting a new site, with a “clean” slate if you’re transfer any users who go to K-M-K straight to your new site.. Rather silly. Anyhoo, what you did was really great, good job.

    All the best, carmen.

  27. Ew, the bitch is pregnant again.

    How would she like it if someone told HER they hope she miscarries?

    Maybe then the hypocrite piece of shit would see how it feels. I despise her and I pity her daughter for having a mother like that. It’s disgusting.