In beauty school we collected all the hair clippings to be donated for oil spills. Okay whatever so there were no oil spills to clean up….

Until there was one.

Now BP had an excellent relationship with MatterOfTrust.org, a nonprofit that collects hair from people and their pets and turns into mats and “booms” to clean up the oil. The logic is that hair naturally absorbs oil and it isn’t as harmful to the environment when land filled or incinerated.

But according to an article I just read, BP has decided they want to use oil based synthetics to clean up the oil spill saying something to the effects that hair sinks. Yes, but can’t you attach these booms to rope to collect them?

What struck me is that an oil company would reject charity to use oil based products. And I think if you were to trace the money trail BP would be paying BP… They are an oil company after all.

So, wash yourself. Your children. Pets. And then shave yourself, children, pets and go to matteroftrust.org to get more info on where to send your hair.

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