So I made it through a complete week without anything processed. Okay, no I cheated. I had a biscuit from Popeye’s. And it was damn good. While chewing only.

But! I have no had high fructose corn syrup in about 11 days. Reading labels, baby! I have been eating my 5-6 small meals/ snacks a day. Added a no red meat clause and I feel awesome. My moods are balanced and positive, I have more energy despite being so tired from working like an animal- seriously eating right is the best move I have ever made.

Boyfriend Christian is doing it with me and he feels great, he’s lost like five pounds. His tummy, which generously expanded since I started feeding him two years ago, and was hard fat has softened and feels more like normal fat- and shrunk! We encourage each other; we’re in competition to do the diet.

Which if you take off the label isn’t a “diet”. It’s eating healthy. To dietitians, personal trainers and doctors recommendations. Eat frequently. So even with we lose no weight at all, we’re lowering our cholesterol, blood pressure and we’re happy.

A couple of people are just full of ….something else, either saying things like, “O you weigh only ___ – dude I’m 5′ nothin’- with a slim frame.”

Thick is not a descriptive word I enjoy when used to reference to me, nor do I enjoy my sweet Gramma and …mother, telling me about my “round” shape. But along the lines of why am I depriving myself of cheddar alfredo, cheese burgers, buffalo wings and butter – I need to give myself guidelines that say don’t eat one large meal at midnight.

I needed to change. And this is the longest I have conquered anything for more than 24 hours so I’m giving myself high fives. Shit, I’m even going organic! Booya preservatives, hormones and antibiotics!

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. It is a diet, a healthy diet that is.