So with it appearing likely that the Democrats will take over control of the House of Representatives, and possibly the Senate, in November, the party must concentrate on finding viable leadership that will cement the party together and enable it to not only maintain control of Congress, but also produce an equally viable candidate for President in 2008.

MUCH easier said than done.

Congresswoman Nancy PelosiFirst, there’s the issue of Nancy Pelosi, the Congresswoman from California who is currently the minority leader in the House and would become Speaker of the House if the Democrats maintain control. She has a tendency to fly off the handle and has stuck her foot in her mouth so many times, she owns stock in Payless Shoes. She tends to be very divisive, pissing off those within her own party more than those of the opposition. She faces a tough challenge from Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania, who has already made it known he will seek the position of Speaker upon the Democratic takeover, and with his military experience and the respect he garners from much of those within his party, this will shape up to be quite a fight for the top slot.

Assuming the Democrats can get past the issue of assigning leadership and can put together an agenda that provides the opportunity for change for our nation, they will have to show that the likely gridlock that will result from a Democratic House and a Republican President is the fault of Bush. Blaming this political shutdown on Bush will then require the Democrats to provide a viable candidate for President in 2008. Allow me to play political strategist for just 2 seconds and point out something that should be very obvious now to anyone in the Democratic Party who hopes to really bring about chance in America… DO NOT NOMINATE HILLARY.

Senator Hillary Rodham ClintonIn a recent poll, it was found that the most likely candidates for President in 2008 will be Clinton for the Dems and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for the Republicans. When asked to choose between the two, 55% chose Giuliani. Regardless of what you think of Giuliani, all that means is more years of political gridlock. Hillary, like Pelosi, is too divisive… she stirs up negative emotions in too many. The Democrats need someone who can bring the middle in slightly towards the left and show an ability to work with both parties. This individual should be experienced, well-respected, and well-spoken (since we seemed to miss all of those points with GW). You’re probably asking if such an individual exists. He does.

Ladies and gentleman, the next President of the United States… Joseph Biden!

  1. That’s a pretty big gamble there sparky. Anyone interested in a pol betting pool? LOL

  2. What a pick. Joe Biden is my #1 Democrat. Straight shooter, no-BS sort. I’d be thrilled if he won; he’d be a fantastic president.

    Which is exactly why he doesn’t have a prayer.

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