Dear Hurricane (now tropical storm) Rita and Katrina,
Thank you for ruining my senior homecoming. I hate you.

I’m sick of giving my money, my time, and my food to other people. I’m sick of my state not getting any extra funding for all of the 240845 kids that are coming into our schools. But most of all, I’m pissed at mother nature for ruining my moment.

I remember about a month before hurricane season started, there was a documentary on Louisiana and an expert said something about the levees of New Orleans not having the capacity to withstand a mild hurricane, much less two kickass ones in a row. Let’s ignore the problem and then whenever it becomes prevalent, let’s throw a lot of money at fixing it and then maybe it will go away. Maybe I should be more sympathetic to the people who were affected. Maybe I’ll overlook the fact that it’s not brilliant to live in a city built below sea level near a huge body of water with inadequate flood protection. Maybe then George Bush will start caring about black people and maybe Kanye will quit making such shitty music. (Although that new song is catchy) Oh, what a wonderful world.

Everyone knows the whole deal with Katrina, blah blah blah thousands of people displaced, poor management of the entire situation. Now on to Rita. Weeks in advance, there were warnings that a hurricane was coming to the already devastated region and into the south Texas region. Most people took the warning to get the heck out of dodge. Good for them. There was a shelter set up by the Red Cross in downtown Amarillo, Texas equipped to handle a thousand-ish evacuees. They set up my high school gym as an “overflow” site in case too many people showed up. This was on Thursday. No one showed up. Thursday night / Friday morning, there are about 12 people living in our gym. That lasted about an hour, they were gone by about 8 A.M. Friday was our homecoming. My senior year. My first and last year as a cheerleader. So what do they do? They divide up our homecoming pep rally into two seperate ones, one for freshmen and sophomore, one for juniors and seniors and move it into our 500 seat auditorium. There are 600 freshmen alone. And every single one of them SAT the entire time. Through every cheer. Cheerleaders were on stage, and you could barely hear us over the band that was squeezed in front of us. It, in a word, blew.

I am selfish. I admit it.

  1. I’m not sure you’re going to get rave reviews for this one Tiff.

    Person #1: uhg, tiffany’s post on your site makes me want to pull my hair out.

    Person #2: why is she still writing on your site? she’s not interesting and not funny.

    Gotta love IMs…

  2. Oh Tiffany how right you are. I am/was a student at Delgado. I don’t even go to the city park campus in New Orleans for classes, yet I don’t have school. I don’t understand why everything has to be so gosh darn fucked up. I was saying that at least I wasn’t a senior in high school. I can barely imagine how it must be for you guys. Maybe now people will get there asses in gear and do something about this shit. I watched a documentary as well about what would happen if a huge hurricane came here, and that was like a few months before the bitch Katrina hit. They were supposed to do a “mock” hurricane evacuation and crap for the causeway bridge a couple of years ago as well, but they decided to use that money to “survey” the causeway. What the hell is to survey about it, an ass load of people use it everyday. Wow! Like we didn’t freaking know that already. I wish they would quit spending our tax dollars on stupid shit and start using it on stuff that matters. BTW, glad to hear you are safe at least.

  3. Hey, if she can do the splits, I’ll give her two thumbs up!!!

    For her post that is… >:O

  4. I completely agree with you. For a section of the country that gets hurricanes, and expects them, they should really have been more prepared. That really sucks that we people are so lazy and don’t plan for problems like that.

  5. http://news.yahoo.com/fc/US/Hurricane_Katrina/ haha. Now that’s funny.

  6. I can’t blame you for being a little selfish and wishing that you could have your homecoming the way you had dreamed it woudl be. I skipped my senior year, and went straight into college and I miss that I never had a homecoming or prom.