Drake texted me late at night: “Can we fuck? -X” Knowing that Daniel and I were one week into a three week fling which my daydreams would frequently go back to.

“Why? Sofia doesn’t do it for you anymore? And no.” I replied.

Daniel and I had this brilliant thing going on where clearly Sofia and drake did not. I wondered exactly why. I never thought of him as anything other then a fancy boy because he looked like a real life ken doll. Not really my type. All the rumors that had already spun around about me didn’t do anything to help the fact that they weren’t true. Blow, ecstasy, group and casual sex weren’t really my thing… well the casual sex.

On this particularly slow and boring day, Daniel managed to do something to make me fall from my brain as I walked to the bathroom. “Psst…”

My attention turned to a small closet. I had been there before. Behind Door #2. Before I could think twice there was an arm pulling into through the door and Drake was latched on to me. Hands pawed and mouths ventured for the fifteen minutes of bravery that came and went in one very warm gasp, followed by a slick exit and our perfect little secret adventure that would never leak into the office.

We continued to meet in a very small-unknown corridor on the second floor, which had a latch on only one side. I would make sure that on the occasions that we would meet I was wearing something easy to remove and reassemble quickly.

The calls from Sofia were audible through out of the entire office. She knew someone from his job was taking care of her business but there was nothing she could do because all she had was this feeling. It was driving her crazy and took some kind of perverse enjoyment from eavesdropping.

And one night after work the unthinkable happened. After great negotiation – I got in my little car took the quick drive up Palmetto Drive, down Sixth and over to Fourth to the small little apartment that somehow afforded a king size pillow top mattress and an excellent air conditioner.

There was a video camera set up on top of the TV. In the house of the woman who I knew I was making crazier than her man – we dove into a pool of completely uninhabited fun. Maybe the vodka was talking but on the biggest mattress my tiny self had ever been on we went for a ride just as smooth as it was bumpy.

Either the vodka or the above satisfactory film making put me to sleep which was unrestful. I dreamt that Sofia asked me why I had to ruin her happiness.

The following weekend we all went out together. After bar number 3, I felt the room start to shrink around me. There was no more air and everyone started to not only look and behave exactly the same. I looked over at Drake who was making out with a blond wearing string: “Call me when you’re done – I’ll be up.”

I walked out into the night just to breathe in the quiet. What was I doing? A beautiful boy was coming home to me in a week. I pulled out my phone and called Jonathan. We talked about nothing for the forty blocks and then until out batteries died. We’re still talking today.

I’m sorry. If it wasn’t me, it would have been some one else.



  1. Wow, that’s pretty harsh. OOOOPS!!

  2. That guy should just be smacked for sending that text message at all, regardless of your current fling or not. It was just so lame and … tacky. *lmao* Men just don’t get it, do they? XD

  3. Oh the males species- can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Enjoyed this one :)

  4. is it bad that I liked this story?