I hear you during the class lectures about iframes. You sing rap songs, badly might I add. If I could understand all of what you’re rapping about, I’m sure it would be much more entertaining.

I know most dorm rooms don’t have mirrors, but SURELY you use the bathroom occasionally. And on these occasional trips to the bathroom I’m hoping you have stopped by the sink to wash your hands or admire your “hott as fuck” face. Surely during this time of gazing at yourself you’ve noticed what I noticed the moment I saw you…


Alert the National Guard! Someone call the President!

I’m not asking you to stop rapping badly, and I’m not asking that you quit ‘acting black’. I’m asking that you realize that there’s a reason that Vanilla Ice didn’t release any albums for fifteen years.


  1. HAHA! Chenoa, I heart thee.

  2. Correction: He released albums – nobody bought them.

    Question though, this “singer” – was one of his pants rolled up? Was he wearing a doorag? Did he have “two guns up”?

  3. It’s things like this that make me love you Chenoa!

    I happen to know a lot of people who are just like that. And even with as amusing as it sometimes is, after a very short amount of time, it gets as annoying as hell.

  4. awesome.