Every morning the Times is delivered to my inbox. Depending on how interesting the first 30 or so characters are, I read it immediately. I enjoy the news, and the Times knows what I want to read, from foreign affairs to organic farming and lactivism.

I also read the local news. Not so much for the news but for the fun forums that go along with it. Either way, I read it daily. I was reading it last week when this little headline popped out at me:

Student Stabbed at Local College

I was hooked and wanted to read more. So I did.

“A student was stabbed yesterday on campus. It appears there was a conflict between the victim and another individual. The police are questioning suspects. The incident occurred during demonstration by the students petitioning the state for more funding for campus security.”

That’s right kids, if you think your school needs more metal detectors and security guards, stage a demonstration. And then stab somebody.

  1. Just proving why more security is needed. Good grief.

    I get the NYTimes in my inbox too! Tyler told me I was weird for it. *shrugs*

  2. LOL!!

  3. Geez.. it’s getting a bit scary these days!!
    A small demonstration gone wrong… why the hell did he have a knife with him anyway?!

  4. lactivism?

    Is that like demonstrations in favor of boobs? If so, sign me up!

  5. Egbert, I think it is, but not in the way you think.

  6. Maybe it was a planned stabbing? Like to prove their point they had someone come with a knife and stab a person. People are morons, so it coudl be true.

  7. Lol. Way to promote violance! Is the times any good? I dont even know if we get it on the other side of the country Oo