At first, I was going to conclude this entry with simply that picture. But, I fear I have more to say.

Also, see inside if you want a Job.

I am a new star wars fan. Very new, fresh, almost virginal.

And I am highly, highly, highly addicted.

Sure, part of it may just be my great love for Padme, or my childhood desire of wanting to be an intergalactic warrior coming through, but, whatever it is, it’s there, and it’s strong.

It’s all I think about. (Not really, but it feels like it.)
It spurred a novel idea, and, I truly believe that I can become a Jedi.

If you don’t believe me, watch “What the Bleep do we know?” and then come and talk to me. If, after that, you still don’t believe me – well, I just feel bad for you. One day, people around the world will come to my door, pleading for me to train them.

I will be a Jedi. Although, I personally prefer the Sith garb, so – maybe I’ll turn to the dark side.

This entry is simply an outlet for me to tell the masses how much of a life I do not have. Because yes, I did sit in my room dressed as a Sith for about half an hour, taking various pictures of myself. I also tried to convince my boyfriend to dress up as a Jedi so we could fight.

Enough of that useless talk. On to the most serious part of this entry.

I’m looking for someone intelligent… genius, even. You must have a degree in Physics. Preferable, quantum physics. Also, a knowledge of geology and various crystals.

Your task – to create a working lightsaber.

  1. I can make you a working flashlight. Does that help for now?

  2. Oh no no no, Jedi fighting with boyfriends is a very dangerous game, as a couple here found out when their home made lightsabres exploded and they were rushed to hospital suffering from serious burns.

    Anyway, you can’t go around chopping off people’s hands, it’s just rude!

  3. Hehe. Star wars is fantastic!

  4. i just tie a bow torch to my penis, works just as good well.

  5. oops blow torch…