I have a severe lack of anything to write about. Usually I’ll be sitting at my desk on Saturday morning and I’ll write something then; but this week I was in upstate New York with Christian’s family. His aunt’s husband’s brother-in-law’s brother’s daughter was getting married (and for those oblivious to his lineage, that would be his aunt Tammy’s husband Jerry’s, brother-in-law Tim’s, brother Chris’s daughter, Courtney).

I’ve never been to a real wedding before. My mom’s first marriage happened when I was three–I wore jeans and a sweat shirt…. and the other two marriages didn’t seem to last too long; there were ceremonies, but do town halls count for real weddings? I went to a backyard shotgun wedding too; the shotgun was double barreled, and the father holding it accidently pulled the trigger at the family husky when mistaking it for the groom, who he’d thought was trying to flee. But I’m pretty sure they are divorced now anyway….

So here went my first real wedding experience–like reception, happy couple and all that.

So my boyfriend and I shopped. We dressed, [me in a dress–which remarkably I haven’t owned one since I was 14] we saw, we conquered the dance floor. We had a circle of people around us while dancing to something with a good swing beat. And drank too much wine. But it was the best time. We danced and ate and drank; I think it’s what you are supposed to do.

The bride and groom misplaced each other for their first night together which made me sad for them; but I think they were so excited to be married that they just wanted to party it up. With this single day to be five years in the making, they deserved to party.

So…I went to real wedding. Which I am sure, especially since I am in my 20’s, I will be going to a bunch more of them and all their happy chaos.

In the meantime its Monday at midnight and my brain is going blank as I frantically wish I had written before i left. I think I want to take a cruise for my 23rd birthday.

  1. The last wedding I was at was my friend Stacie’s. She didn’t last more than a year, I don’t think.

  2. That is quite a relation! Reminds me of my sister-in-law’s uncle’s cousin’s daughter’s half brother’s next door neighbor’s step sister’s wedding. :P

    I’m glad you had a good time! I’ve actually been to a few big weddings too, and they always end up being a lot of fun. Especially dancing, in my opinion. :)