Once upon a day of an event, I needed my hair done. It was for an anniversary party, and I half forgot to book an appointment early enough with my hairdresser. I had to book it with another hairdresser at the same place, which wasn’t that big of a deal since I had gone to her other times.

I arrived at the hair place, and saw my usual hairdresser, and then the one that I was going to see that day. I said hello to both, and sat down in the chair. My usual hairdresser wasn’t occupied, and that is when I began thinking.

Was I cheating on my hairdresser?

I felt very uncomfortable for a moment or two. Here I was, with my usual stylist beside me, and the “other woman” was doing my hair right in front of her. I felt like I was betraying Anne (usual hairdresser). This wasn’t the first time I had been with other hairdressers, though. Anne gets very busy and so I have to book hair appointments in advance when I want to see her. But on the fly appointments end up with other hairdressers. I figure, Anne would know this. She would be aware of the fact that when she was very busy, and if her clients needed their hair done, they would find someone else to do it.

I almost felt at ease.


I realized, how do the other hairdressers feel when someone elses usual client goes to them? I suppose for the first time it would be alright, but then for my next appointment, I resume my usual hairdresser, what would the other hairdresser feel? Would they feel inadequate? Would they feel like a one night stand? Would it be as if she was just a brief affair, and when I realized she didn’t compare to my spouse, returning to my marriage?

I tried to convince myself that hairdressing was not analagous with relationships. Although, still, I am not entirely convinced. Hairdressers have feelings too.

Needless to say, for the rest of my appointment, I felt a bit strange. Since that day, the questions arisen by that visit still randomly float through my mind. I feel that I will never understand, unless I inquire. And, I don’t think that I will ever inquire. (I fear it would be an awkward conversation.)

This experience made me realize that I have two options: make appointments in advance and stick to one hairdresser, or, be a vagabond. I think that I will opt for the latter.

  1. Hmm, Morse “chick” code. There’s ALWAYS an underlying issue… soooooo ummm (clears throat), follow your heart.

    or something.

  2. I wish I cut hair.

  3. Switch salons and change your name. The only choice.

  4. I’ve had the same problem… wondering if I’m betraying my regular hairdresser if I go to someone else. Lately I’ve taken to making a comment as I walk by him, that it’s just awful that he’s so popular, because he’s all booked up when I try to make an appointment!