Attention: Commerce Bank
Subject: customer care


I have been a Commerce customer for over two years. I have never had a truly negative experience with this bank until today.

I logged in to my account to discover that my entire deposit was gone and I had a negative balance. Mind you, my deposit went on Thursday and had already shown up on my account as pending. When I called customer care the woman who assisted me told me first that the system wasn’t updated and it would update tomorrow. Then when I explained my situation and the woman located my money, she never offered me an explanation as to where it went. When I asked about over draft fees and using PayPal against my funds that should have been cleared by now but now aren’t, she hurriedly said everything would be fine and the call was ended.

I work in retail and most of my job is customer service- dealing with the nastiest people you can imagine. I’m purposefully nice to make up for them when I deal with anyone in service. I cannot not offer explanations especially when it comes to other peoples’ money. I did not get an apology for the inconvenience and to be honest – I almost didn’t make to work this morning because of this issue- I thought the MTA vending machines were broken.

I don’t normally write letters- but my money disappeared and I didn’t get as much as an apology. I know I am not an important customer; I just wanted to share my disappointment with you.

Thank you,

  1. Banks are notoriously the worst when it comes to customer service. I swear, it’s disgusting.

  2. Not even a simply “We’re sorry”? Ugh.

    My online bank statement pisses me off – things will disappear and I’ll have more money than I know I should. Then it’ll pop up two weeks later – after I’ve forgotten about it, so I’ll freak out and wonder where I spent that money. Ugh.

  3. I have luckily never encountered any problems with my bank but customer service in general just pisses me off. Everytime I need to call customer care of any kind or for whatever reason, I get unbelievably rude people to deal with :/

  4. Ugh, I hate it when customer service doesn’t really offer any service at all. That’s horrible to hear about. I would write a letter complaining, too.


    Wait, what are we complaining about?

  6. Good idea John.

    Maybe we would all be treated differently if we weren’t judged on how much we make. I don’t know personally, but I have seen a few movies where the bank people (at the desks, not the drive thru or teller desk) get their ass KISSED when they bring in a check with more digits than I have the ability to name at the moment.

    My horrible bank b*tch story, I was in a hurry in the drive thru and the lady told me to pull ahead so she could help the person behind me because she couldn’t wait two seconds for me to fill out a money order and send back in.

    I told her NO, then thought after the fact it would have been nice if I snapped “What the F is this mcdonalds, are you going to run out and personally pick my money order up? I don’t think so.”

    She was(is) stupid. Thanks for reminding me of how much they suck. Next time I think I will proceed to count my money outloud in front of her slowly, and individually as an insult to their supposed accuracy, screw up a few times and have to start all over before driving off. (key word here: think)

    Chenoa, your comment reminded me of a story I read a while ago about a man (Patrick Combs) who deposited one of those fake junk mail checks into an ATM machine, and actually got to keep the money…

    Link to the story: http://www.goodthink.com/writing/view_stories.cfm?id=11&page_id=2

  7. Commerce Has Twice now shown checks that have cleared one day only to then next show the were returned for insufficient funds, I call them and they say it was a timing issue the just clear my deposits last then they say there is nothing they can do, even though their own system is showing eberything should have been fine