So, how has my week been?

Well, if you are in the mood to be depressed, click on the more…

Last June, my administrative assistant and I were moving stuff into our new office. I got a promotion and inherited her. She was awesome.

Anyhow, she had a month long vacation scheduled in July so I said “have a nice summer” and that was pretty much the last I saw of her. She called me in mid-July to let me know that she was going to see her doctor because she pulled a muscle moving furniture with me.

The doctor tells her it is actually a reoccurrence of her breast cancer. She’d fought it successfully once five years ago.

She was more flustered than upset. Anyhow, she told me she wouldn’t be able to come back until September. I said “no problem, your job will be here when you get back.”

Well, September turned to October and she was sick as a dog from the chemo. I called her every week or so to get updates and to talk. I told her about my engagement and about the new car, she told me about her chemo and the adventures of her assorted kids.

I had gotten to speak at her 55th birthday party last April. She was a good friend to all of us in my department. We roasted her like crazy and she and her family laughed her head off. The club where we held this was packed.

Three weeks ago, she called me to tell me that the chemo hadn’t worked and that she was going to a hospital in Houston that specialized in cancer treatment. She was flustered because she didn’t know how they were going to handle Thanksgiving and, also, her husband’s mother was on death’s door.

I spoke to her last week, right before Thanksgiving, and she told me that he husband’s mother passed away – her memorial service was yesterday. She was pretty upbeat since she was getting a new CT scan on the following Monday.

So yesterday, I hear from a friend of a friend that the CT scan showed that the cancer had spread pretty much everywhere in her body. She was given a week to live. I call her brother, who confirms this.

Wednesday night, around 11:00, I get the call from the President of the company. She passed away in her sleep.

I called all the employees that were close to her and woke them up to tell them and called the ones that weren’t close to her Thursday morning.

The family is trying to fly the body home. I think that is what the family is most upset about – that she died in a hospital and not at home.

Anyhow, she was a terrific lady.

In conclusion, fuck cancer. Fuck it hard.

  1. Oh God. I’m so sorry – I just… don’t understand how this world works. Wonderful, lovely people should not suffer. Scummy, horrible people should suffer. There is no balance. Look after yourself… ♥ x

  2. I think that we all just need to agree “fuck cancer.”

  3. that sucks, i’m sorry. fuck cancer