It began with people speaking to me like I didn’t understand English and spelling out things like “C-A-T” hmmm. Okay.

And then I saw Cameron Diaz on Leno or something talking about how she went brunette and I was inspired. And then on The View.

The idea was like a virus infesting my brain.

My whole entire life I have been a natural blond. With my own natural sun enhanced highlights. People stop me on the street and ask who my colorist is… “Uhm, God…. I. Guess.”

But Thursday night the virus reared its ugly head and I wanted to do a reddish sort of paneling and instead of the reddish – I got orange.

O God. I looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. So I went to the store and bought some bleach and tried to un-orange myself. I now had hair the color of an orange highlighter. I cried.

Even though it was just the underneath of my hair I looked like I had orange wings coming out of the side of my head. Fly fly my little orange fairy!!

And so phase three.

First thing in the morning I went to the beauty supply store, with the encouragement of Christian saying “if you gonna do it you gotta do it balls out!” I bought 5R Medium Red Brown – got home and did the damn thing for an hour and this is what came out:

Me... not a blond!

  1. Hey, your hair looks really great! It’s like the color I have, but it’s a mixture of chocolate and a little bit of red.. don’t know if it’s the same.
    Anyways, you look nice (:
    Good luck with everything!

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  3. I love it. its beautiful. you look extremely natural in that color. if I didn’t know any better I would have said that you were that color naturally. Great job!

  4. I’ve known Mary since she was this tall *waves hands to around the knees* and she’s still that tall but I never saw her as anything but a blonde. Truth is, I still can’t see it, even as I am seeing it. It’s like… wow.

    But it looks awesome. Good going, Midget!