Me!Who goes down the shore just to sit in a hotel room and read? Can’t you go ON the beach to read?

I’m back from my vacation and I must say, I’m a little disappointed.

For the most part, I walked the boardwalk and sat on the beach alone because apparently no one in my family likes to actually go on the beach.

My mom doesn’t like sand…

or suntan lotion…

or the ocean.

A little ironic to pick the shore for your vacation spot, if you ask me, but who am I to judge?

The weather was gorgeous, the water was warm. All in all, I had a decent time… even if my family is lame haha.

  1. Very pretty, Dani. And the shore is pretty cool, too =) hahaha

  2. what “shore” is this?
    it’s just nice to get away sometimes.

  3. i go down to my in law’s beach house every summer, but i very rarely go down to the actual beach/ocean while i’m there. i loved the ocean when i was a kid, but now i’m not too fond of it….

  4. [quote post=”1223″]what “shore” is this?
    it’s just nice to get away sometimes.[/quote]

    We went to Ocean City. :)