My boyfriend invited people to our house who I don’t even know for dinner on Friday. Why would he do that? I have no idea who these people are, we only have enough kitchen seating for four and there will be six and I’m the one cooking so what I’m cooking for six then standing?

Other things – my store has no a/c during this lovely heat wave we’re having. My store also has no openable windows. So I’m sitting – and sweating! I cut the sleeves off of a shirt, put on my gauchos and flip flops and in a another couple hours I’m going to oil up and catch a tan. I swear!

Thing three – I still haven’t made it to the beach. No beach. No tan. Nothing. I need a tan. I look like one of those long faced funny looking pale children without one. With one – I kind of look more normal and less albino alien.

  1. Gotta love a hot New York summer, eh?

  2. Dude, a trip to Target and you’re set. Pick up some Pizza Hut for dinner, an inflatable pool for the office, and some self tanner for the body. One stop shopping!

  3. rants rock. use a spray tan!