I’ve seen preggers people, I’ve seen newborns, and other variations of toddler and baby. But probably because there is no overlapping in the generation gaps in my family, I’ve never seen someone through all the stages of pregnancy, into birth, and then actual baby. The process of life has always been a biology chart or an equation where somehow the variable was a lost birth control pill.

Maybe its the reason why I’m slow to “miracle of life” and concepts like the universe: we are tiny planet in the midst of a massive universe where there is nothing and we just happen to be here; floating in orbit, and it makes my life seem very small; which kind of scares me a little because I realize how insignificant I am in comparison.

But getting back to Mave Adel, Christian (my boyfriend)’s new niece…

It was really weird the whole thing, and kind of blows my mind. I know where babies come from; I took seventh grade health. But the fact that the result of sex is literally a tiny little human. To top it off, a little human that pops out of your vag (should you have a vag). But you and your partner (or donor) literally make a tiny little defenseless human.

I guess I didn’t get it till we went and saw little Mave Adel at this really BIG scary hospital with her mom in bed all sleepy, her dad there, and there she is this, tiny little doll. Most newborns are really not cute- but she was REALLY REALLY cute and small.

I now understand the whole baby love thing.

Congrats to Nathan and Jennifer for little Mave Adel born on November 7, 2006.

  1. Congrats to your friends for their newborn. I can tell you straight up how awesome it is to have a young one of your own… it’s truly an amazing experience.

  2. I don’t know the feeling yet, but it seems like a great one. Congrats to your boyfriend’s family :)