The WWE fired AW Abraham Washington.  They fired him because of what he said about Kobe Bryant’s rape case almost a decade ago.  They fired him because of the potential damage he could say on live TV, in front of thousands of people in attendance and millions watching at home.

So he goes and fires up his Twitter account and says things that, well, show that the WWE was justified.

Some fans complain, that he shouldn’t be fired, that he should be rewarded because he’s trying to bring back attitude.

When did the Attitude era glorify rape?

They did a lot of things, Rock and Steve Austin.  Triple H and Shawn Michaels crossed a lot of lines.  But to make it sound like they were okay with the rape of a woman, that they did not say.

But John Cena, he bullies people left and right!  What about the Be A Star campaign?  Isn’t that hypocritical?

I agree, but I understand that what he’s doing in the ring is part of the story line.  When did Eagle, Colorado, become part of the Prime Time Players storyline?

It’s classless to think that this could possibly be justified, regardless of what you think of other WWE or TNA or ROH superstars.

What would you say if against Primo and Epico that he made a flagrant Spanish racial slur?  Would that be cool?

Rape is not a joke.  What if that were your sister or daughter?  Would you have laughed?


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