The following is a Yellow Hobbit Rant. This is no different than the type of medium used by the aforementioned artist used on his radio show. The listener, or reader in this case is generally confused for the first 5 or 10 minutes, then as things progress in the rant, they SOMETIMES make sense. As such, it is highly recommended that you read the article this rant is targeted at (The Hot Corner with Bambi Lathong-Dong) before reading the actual rant.

In the words of Walter, one of Jeff Dunham’s characters, “GOOD GAWD!”

I was googling random words, and I came accross a website aimed at helping parents keep their sanity while dealing with being parents.

I came accross this horrid article that has more typos than an AOL Instant Message…

First of all, “Bambi,” you are a cunt. Please die.



Poop for Thought

I am one of those twisted individuals that inspect every bite of food before allowing it to enter my body. I do this with much regret, as I find myself consuming items that under normal laboratory conditions, would not be acceptable. I hate embarrassing good people even more than I hate eating bugs/hair. I generally choke down what they call ‘food’ even though I know otherwise. I am terribly afraid of contaminating my otherwise clean body with the filth of others. If I am going to eat dirt, I would at least like to know what sort of dirt my body will be attempting to process.




You know, if you look around the world, you’ll find insanity in the most unusual places.

Let’s take a look at retail for just a moment. Many companies pride themselves on “customer service.” They post banners, show their employees videos, even run ads on television and radio about how great their customer service is. What they essentially do is say “We give great customer service,” over and over again so much that some people actually believe it.