Things that drive me crazy:

People who water the grass right before it rains.
Pouring a bowl of cereal and then realizing there is no milk.
Waking me up at anytime during my sleep.
Seeing someone wearing brown and black.
Listening to the radio when I don’t like any of the songs. <3 Ok, that's all.


With the last few days of my junior year coming to a close, the administrators at my place of learning decided that in order to make it fun for all of us, we should take a trip.

They obviously didn’t put a lot of thought into it.

WARNING: This entry is image heavy.



So if you didn’t know, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my good pal Al Bundy and sell shoes in order to pay for the crap I like. As a “sales associate” I have learned and come to terms with the fact that people are generally rude and at some point in the buying/selling experience, will probably piss me off. I have come up with a list of guidelines to ensure that you, the buyer, do not piss me, the punkass high school kid trying to make some sweet moola, off!