Baby blues

Before I decided to tackle the challenge of playing substitute mommy, the following thoughts went through my head:

1. i dont really like kids
2. i like to sleep in really late
3. i hate cleaning up after myself and i really hate cleaning up after someone else

So far, I’ve just reaffirmed my original thoughts. Personally, I wonder why kids like me and why the heck someone would trust me to take care of them. Maybe it’s cause my boobs are so big. Motherly, or something. I don’t know. You can see the daily damage here or you can just fill in your own blanks. Trust me, the pictures are more fun.



AMARILLO, Tx. – Late Wednesday evening, sources report that Tiffany is not, in fact, dead. Reports that she has obtained what those in the real world call “a life” have been denied repeatedly and those close to her do not wish to comment.



I don’t think I’ve actually been at my house in at least three days and it feels kinda good to get away from the chaos, chaos, chaos of this weekend. My last day of school was Thursday. Friday I saw a movie. Graduation was Saturday which, in America, means lots and lots of drunken escapades by everyone else except me.

If you couldn’t tell by my oh-so subtle title thingy, I saw the Longest Yard and I’m here to ruin it for everyone else. If you haven’t seen it, DO IT NOW and then come back and read this and look at my pictures!