Okay, I work in retail. I work on commission…. I took over this store in June, saved it from closing and despite last ditch efforts- I don’t think it’s gonna stay open that much longer. Last December was the bleakest December I have ever ever seen.

I had to like throw things at myself to keep me awake. I sat here the other day and counted 11 people coming in and out of my store, and that’s including the mail carrier and people asking for directions. Sad.



So we’re saving for our wedding and desperately trying to pinch pennies so we both agreed to exchange one gift… an iPod touch. I thought this was of course a frivolous waste of $250 but it saves me from shopping and both of us from trying to outspend each other.

I got mine engraved and it says: “Always overcoming the bridge home to you. I love you.” He got mine in the Apple store, and they don’t engrave. Oh well.

We exchanged them early and I am so in love. This is like that Lexis commercial where the little girl wants a pony and then it flashes to her getting a Lexis – the bitch.  But this is the best gift ever.

Moral of my story: when in a gift giving competition, agree to one gift and make it as good as you can afford. Now I return to knitting the rest of my gifts… And to those of you who think that’s being cheap go price some non-synthetic fiber. Mmmm alpaca.

Happy Festivus to all and beware of stray Long Islanders lest you wish to be stampeded for the last easy bake oven!


So I have been planning when I have time for the last few months and talking to caterers and finding a photographer. And at first it drove me crazy that I couldn’t get a caterer.

Mostly due to my own frugality but also because the wedding location is two hours away and I don’t drive…. But my aunt was walking down the street smelled this awesome food turns out they cater.