What world do you live in?

He wakes up in the morning, realizes he’s drunk off his ass from last night’s marathon bender, but puts on the best clothes he can find that doesn’t look like it’s been in the hamper too long, grabs his keys, and heads to work.

Everyone knows he’s trashed, not just because he’s loud and obnoxious, but because the stench of bourbon on his breath lingers within a 12 foot radius of him.

He thinks he is valuable, because nobody does what he does.

That’s what he thinks.


Last week, the whole intarwebz was abuzz about KONY and Invisible Children.

Here’s the guy who produced it, in all his glory.


A serious question

I invited a friend over one night.  Really, who is that?  Not me.  But it happened.

Anyway, so she came over around 3am.  Bringing a 12-pack, we shared a few brews before she went outside for a smoke.

Upon her return, I was sawing trees in the forest, so she called it a night.

Should I be upset that she took the beer?