The WWE has changed the face of the Money in the Bank series forever with former WWE Champions being in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match.

It’s not the only change.  The fact it’s for the WWE Championship, and the other match is for the World Heavyweight (Wrestling) Championship, is another change they’ve made this year.  In previous years, since they split the match between the RAW and SmackDown! brands.

John Cena v. Kane v. Chris Jericho v. Big Show
It’s easy to say that John Cena will win.  He is the poster boy for the WWE, no matter how many boos he’s gotten from the fans the past decade.

I don’t think he will win.  But that’s not really the point of this article, today.

Internet “Smarks” hate the idea of this match. Purists think this was the perfect vehicle to create new stars and give wrestlers that never had a chance that chance they’d never get otherwise.

  • Big Show
  • Booker T
  • Chris Benoit
  • Chris Jericho
  • Christian
  • Edge
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Kane
  • Mark Henry
  • Matt Hardy
  • Randy Orton
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Ric Flair
  • R-Truth
Ric Flair? Really? A “new” WWE superstar? Never had a chance? At the time he was in it he was already a two-time former WWE champion and 16-time former World champion.  Booker T entered as “King Booker,” and already was a 5-time WCW champion.  Jericho had unified the WWE and WCW titles.

Sure, CM Punk and Miz won, as did Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, and Daniel Bryan. Half of the WWE Superstars that won this match have been veterans or former champions, though.

It’s a shame they didn’t add two more former WWE champions at the last second, throwing in a wrench and making a boring looking four-way ladder match look more like the classic Money in the Bank match fans have come to expect.  Rey Mysterio was a WWE champion, even if just for a couple hours.  So was Brock Lesnar.

Talk about bringing the pain.


Hornswoggle? Really?

Hornswoggle was the Anonymous RAW General Manager!??

At least it wasn’t as bad as Mae Young birthing a hand.


The Champ gives a nod of approval

CM Punk has declared himself to be “Best in the World.”  He’s worn the Ring of Honor World Championship, the ECW World Championship, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and is the current WWE Champion.  In one of wrestling’s biggest storylines since the New World Order, he reignited a fire with his infamous “Pipebomb” promo.

And this weekend, the WWE Champion acknowledges and expresses kudos to three of TNA’s top stars.

Destination X saw two new champions crowned.  Zema Ion is the new X Division champion, and Austin Aries is the new TNA World Champion.  And the beast that everyone remembered Samoa Joe to be in the early days of TNA and his time in Ring of Honor is back, as the Samoan Submission Machine locked in an MMA style rear naked choke to Olympic hero Kurt Angle in an exciting match, rendering him unconscious and leaving the referee no choice but to call the match a knock out.

TNA is the number two wrestling organization in the US, but that’s only by default as there are other wrestling companies that simply do not have the national exposure that Spike TV provides.  Ring of Honor is the breeding ground to some incredible wrestling talent, home to a large part of CM Punk’s history, just as it is to Samoa Joe and Austin Aries.  And Punk name-dropped ROH during the “Pipebomb” promo last summer.

He’s not a flashy champion.  He doesn’t wear suits.  He doesn’t exude the classic “champion” style.  But CM Punk has shown true class by acknowledging another company’s show, and by giving TNA a nod.