Updated update

John recently bought a laptop.

That’s right.  I finally, after 4 or 5 years of debating, decided to stray from desktop computing and am now mobile with a laptop.

I can connect away from home, or even in another room, should I want to.  I can connect to my printer and do almost everything I could do with my dead computer, 7, with ease.

I do have a couple of minor complaints.  The first is the stupid touch mouse.  Seriously, who designed this?  I bought a cordless mouse with the computer and I am glad I did, because this pad thing is just shit.  I even went so far to get a corded mouse for when I need to be precise with graphic editing.

This complaint I am aware of because of my ex and her issue when our son decided to torture her for not paying attention to him – how easy the keyboard can come apart.   I like to use the 10-Key.  The “enter” key does not work.  Luckily, the standard “enter” key is right there, but yeah.  Silicone adhesive is keeping the bad enter key in place for cosmetics.

The third complaint I have isn’t so minor.  The keyboard itself sucks.  I find myself retyping things I don’t usually have to retype because the keyboard isn’t picking up all the letters it should (meaning, the ones I am hitting).  This usually comes with double letters, like “tt” or “oo”, and maybe it’s more of a peeve than anything, but really?  I never had a problem like this before.  I average between 50-70 WPM and I type all day at work, so why is it at home I’m an idiot?

I blame my laptop.

The stupid shit I can complain about (if I really wanted to) are just that – stupid.  Very petty complaints, but considering I’m a life-long desktop user, they are legitimate transitional complaints.

Overall, there is hope that I may come back and post more trivial banter soon.

But don’t hold your breath.


364 days later…

The last time anything was written here, it was a year ago.  About a wrestler that was fired for saying the wrong thing.

Then.. nothing.  Why?

Last August, John’s computer took a crap.  A big, fat, smelly crap all over the motherboard.  So, John had to go to Plan B, an older computer he’s been using on the side, but never as the top priority.  The Radio X show, a weekly online radio episodic trainwreck, was temporarily put on hold.  He figured a month at the latest before the show returned.  A month turned into two months.  That turned into four.  And now, a year later, John (me) finally decided to catch up to 2007 and get a laptop.

But what happened between then and now?

John’s focused more on local projects, work, and of course his son.  He’s done a lot more with social media behind the scenes and has changed things around on a personal level.  He’s loved and lost, and he’s found peace within.

Why do I keep writing in third person?

Maybe because who I was a year ago, and who I am now, are not the same.  In a couple of months, I’ll be facing a landmark birthday.  I’m not looking forward to it.  I’ve definitely aged a lot in the past few years, but that doesn’t make it better.

I’m starting to look at certain things with a different light, and it’s happening more often than it used to.

Wrestling is still a big part of who I am.  So is the Radio X show, and so is Whitters.  Once I get everything set, it’s a possibility that X will return, but I don’t know how much of X will be what it used to be.  Whit’s in a relationship now, so who knows what that will do to the show’s future.

It may be more of a rant-fest than a pre-scheduled and produced program.  It may not be a set 3-hours.  It may not even go to 2-hours.  There may be other changes.

We may not even bring it back.

Working in radio, when I was in radio, was very difficult yet very fulfilling.  X was more therapy than radio show for me, because it helped me sort my thoughts, clear my mind, and focus my energies on something that I knew I could do, and that I could do well.

Since then, I’ve found new focus, not within the radio grasps, that have given me something to hang on to.  I’ve buried myself in various projects.

I don’t know what will happen once I get technologically reunited with a computer that can actually handle more than two browser windows open at the same time.

Maybe I’ll play Candy Crush.


AW.. you’re fired!

The WWE fired AW Abraham Washington.  They fired him because of what he said about Kobe Bryant’s rape case almost a decade ago.  They fired him because of the potential damage he could say on live TV, in front of thousands of people in attendance and millions watching at home.

So he goes and fires up his Twitter account and says things that, well, show that the WWE was justified.

Some fans complain, that he shouldn’t be fired, that he should be rewarded because he’s trying to bring back attitude.

When did the Attitude era glorify rape?

They did a lot of things, Rock and Steve Austin.  Triple H and Shawn Michaels crossed a lot of lines.  But to make it sound like they were okay with the rape of a woman, that they did not say.

But John Cena, he bullies people left and right!  What about the Be A Star campaign?  Isn’t that hypocritical?

I agree, but I understand that what he’s doing in the ring is part of the story line.  When did Eagle, Colorado, become part of the Prime Time Players storyline?

It’s classless to think that this could possibly be justified, regardless of what you think of other WWE or TNA or ROH superstars.

What would you say if against Primo and Epico that he made a flagrant Spanish racial slur?  Would that be cool?

Rape is not a joke.  What if that were your sister or daughter?  Would you have laughed?