I was talking with a couple people at work and I found myself saying something I think I found myself saying to myself last year. There isn’t one match on this card that you can’t have on any other WWE card that makes Wrestlemania bigger, more special, or more amazing than any other show they put out. Regardless, it’s still the Super Bowl of wrestling. Fans from all over the world will hop in cars, buses, trains, and planes from all over the world to witness the original wrestling supercard (that is, if your calendar doesn’t go back to Starrcade in 1983).

That said, here are my Wrestlemania XXVII predictions!



By now you’ve seen the episode of Spongebob where.. oh wait, that’s not Spongebob, that’s the leader of the Free World, locked out of the White House.

President Barack Obama, coming home from a trip to South America, found himself locked out of the building.

Watch him try to open the first door, then as he walks to another entrance watch him casually peek through the windows.

In a related story, Glenn Beck was by the White House today…


Vice President Joe Biden was set to speak at the home of a wealthy developer at a fundraiser. It cost about $500 a head with about 150 people attending to see Joe speak. In the beginning swing of what may turn out to be an even more difficult election season for President Barack Obama than the one that introduced him as the first African American President in the history of the United States, this looks to be one of many fundraisers to come.

Hopefully, for Obama’s sake, they learn from this.

This is where Scott Powers sat in for almost two hours, waiting to hear the Vice President speak.

Scott is a political reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, and apparently this was the “press room” they set him up in. The VP’s team says they usually have the press in a hold room, but it shouldn’t be a storage closet.

However, that’s obviously not the case in this instance. Someone from Joe’s advance team ordered Scott to sit in the closet until the VP took the stage, then had a staffer guard the door.

Really? What were they guarding? The right to free press?