Amy Winehouse is dead….

Amy Winehouse is dead….

And I don’t care.


I… I don’t care.

Saw a tweet that a friend of mine re-tweeted from someone else bragging about how they’ve been online for 10 years as a blogger. I think the tweet was more of a counter-whine to someone else talking about how they’ve been blogging for 2 years and they’ve run out of things to do. Of course, the decadence “blogger” is more of a sponsored writer now, writing sex toy reviews and other product mentions riddled inbetween diatribe.



Drinking and driving is bad… unless you’re a celebrity

Ryan Dunn, one of the guys from Jackass, is dead. The person that was in the car with him, also dead. The car they were driving is destroyed to the point where you could probably fit most of what’s left in a small closet and still have room for all of God’s problems.

People are in shock. They are so sad. They cannot believe what happened.

Not me. Hours before he died, he posted pictures of himself drinking at a bar on Twitter. Yeah, that tweet doesn’t exist anymore, but you can still find it up on TMZ, along with the tales from people saying he had at least six drinks in four hours, if not more, before driving off into his final Jackass event.

The fire was so bad, so intense, that they could only recognize Dunn by his tattoos and facial hair. Meanwhile, they can’t identify the person he was with. If the fire was that bad, they wouldn’t have been able to SEE skin, much less tattoos or hair. I call bullshit.

Bam Margeras’ mom April said that Dunn was a safe driver. A safe driver doesn’t drink before driving. And according to police, they believe speed was a factor in the accident. Safe drivers don’t speed, either.

If you want to remember him as a stunt guy from Jackass, fine. I’ll remember him as the jackass that drank too much, drove too fast, and killed someone in a selfish act of stupidity.

Because if he wasn’t Ryan Dunn, that’s exactly what everyone would be saying.