Regular Soda

So I went and bought soda yesterday. I know, big shock. Bite me.

Anyway.. I wasn’t paying attention because my Sev’ is apparently ghetto now and I wanted to get out because I was, no joke, the whitest person in there.

Long story short: I bought regular soda instead of diet. It was so sweet, it was DISGUSTING.


Wow, we missed August?

The last time we missed writing anything for over a month… um…

Yeah. Probably never.

So let’s recap.

The US budget almost collapsed, but President Obama finally saved it. Yay! But then it got downgraded anyway because he couldn’t get it done.. oh.. you know, on time. Twice. Oops. I mean, who really wants to lend someone money who doesn’t have a job and can’t afford to pay it back?

The East Coast was shaken, then stirred. Everyone giggled about the earthquake. Not so much for Hurricane Irene. And really, how did a HURRICANE affect Vermont? Can anyone name all the Atlantic Ocean coasts of Vermont? Here, let me help you. None. Bitch all you want about how weak Irene was, and you’re not from Vermont. Or North Carolina. Or Virginia. Or New Jersey.

But who cares about New Jersey?

John and Whitters brought back the Radio X show after five months of nothingness. Surprisingly, all our affiliates supposedly kept us. We even picked up one during the down time. Yes, you read that right. The first month was plagued with audio issues and quality distortion, but it sounds good again, or as good as it’ll get. Oh, and Lyndsie was un-fired and brought back to do the Hollywood Report and to shove political correctness out the door.

There’s more to write, but by the time I figure it all out, it’ll be October. And we can’t have us miss ANOTHER month’s worth of tripe.

Go Yankees!



I’m watching TV this morning and the news anchors are talking about how the American government are days away from potentially defaulting on their loans. They ask the weather guy his thoughts, and he shrugs saying he doesn’t really know what debt is because he doesn’t have any.

The female news anchor says, “Everyone should have a little debt.”