Today, my overly-sensitive sister got upset when I told her to stop complaining about the high school gossip that goes on at her job (“Justin told Bob that he likes Maxine, even though I kissed him two days ago”). She then cried and blamed my insensitivity for why we never have “sister talks.”



The thunder is loud enough to shake the whole house.
The lightning is bright enough to scoff at electricity.
And yet, there isn’t a drop of rain in sight.

I remember my short-lived 6th grade dream of wanting to become a meteorologist. All I can say is that I’m glad that thought got lost somewhere between middle school and high school. When I was younger, I thought Mr. G was an idiot for delivering an inaccurate weather forecast. However, I now see why he always had a hard time… this weather is crazy. Mother Nature must be going through menopause.