Taking bets

I read John’s entry the other day about trying to cut down on his soda intake. Naturally, I saw this as a challenge. So I messaged him on AIM and asked if he would be interested in turning this into a battle of will power.



Paper cuts

I’ve been catching up on my work hours this week while we’re on “break”.

I like the people I work with and the work doesn’t require any actual thinking, so it’s nice.



I’m flipping through the 80-something channels that we have trying to find something entertaining to watch, and the only decent thing on is Lingo. Although the Spanish channel was a close second, I decide to watch Lingo.

The teams go back and forth for awhile with puzzles like “chair”, “cough”, and “retro”. Then comes a puzzle starting with an “S”. I won’t bore you with their guesses because the best part came after the answer was revealed – “screw”.

The host (Chuck Woolery) had been making comments about his staff influencing the puzzles – including his staff making a mistake on spelling “adieu” wrong. His co-host (Shandi) makes some comment that I didn’t catch, and Chuck responds with something to the effect of “it’s not the verb, it’s the noun.. as in the object”.

I guess the producers realized where the conversation was headed and the microphone levels are turned down, so Shandi’s last comment is inaudible.

I’m sure it was a good one too.