At beauty school, we’re given an abnormally intense amount of work and requirements. During the first phase I had 100 average, but I missed a model – – the model showing up late and dropped my average to a 93 (in Aveda that’s like a b-/c) so to go from a 100 to a C is like fuck you especially since my model showed up, she was just late.

My instructor refused to grade me, gloated it would have been 100, but “You can afford it” – like gloating. WTF??? Anyway, now I have this new instructor who keeps calling me an over achiever. So finally I’m like, “I quit a job that I was at for five years, went into $30,000 of debt to be here, so if I don’t get the most learning out of every single day I’m here, I’m wasting my time and money… and I LOVE money.”

He says, “are you gonna cry?”

I’m like, “Maybe.”

I personally don’t understand, and Christian doesn’t either, why doing work properly, on time or early, and getting good grades makes me an over achiever. I feel like an over achiever would punch their grandmother in the face to get a good grade. But that’s not it. I just want to do the best that I can.

And I mean, fuck, its beauty school not rocket science. It’s a lot of work but its still beauty school. I don’t care if someone is better than me, faster than me. I won’t like, break their cutting hand. I just want to do the best I can do… I can half ass from the fortress area of my old store and not only is it free but it made me money.

Did I mention that I see my husband on Sunday mornings and Mondays because my school and his work schedule conflict? Just annoys me.

Oh yeah.

Since it has been about a year since I wrote anything here:

  • I quit my miserable job
  • Decided to and am going to beauty school
  • Got married

Life is good and beside my need to vent I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

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