So I have been planning when I have time for the last few months and talking to caterers and finding a photographer. And at first it drove me crazy that I couldn’t get a caterer.

Mostly due to my own frugality but also because the wedding location is two hours away and I don’t drive…. But my aunt was walking down the street smelled this awesome food turns out they cater.

Excellent. I call the guy up and he’s Captain Traditionalist, full of pomp and hoopla and all this bullshit. I don’t want all that bullshhhhh.

I am gonna wear a short white dress, my Miguel will do my hair; I will walk down the aisle. I will do the first dance thing- but THAT’S IT.

The four (70-80) people that are invited are there to see this “big step” get a free dinner, booze, music, cake and that’s it. Freak show not included.

I mean hello?? I never planned on getting married anyway. In the event I had to, didn’t want to have some choreographed clown party. If I had my way I would go to city hall and take the money we’re spending and go to ::far away tropical place::

But this food guy’s insistence on observing tradition sent me into a breakdown. I don’t fit into these traditions and an attempt to observe them would just be more of a gaff than omitting them.

And he’s all like these are things that people are expecting…. Well, it’s not gonna be there and if some has a problem they can go fuck themselves.

  1. I’m sorry, who’s wedding is it? Fuck him. Do what you want!

  2. That’s why we got married in Vegas in July. We had some family and friends go with us, but it wasn’t such a big deal. It was nice

  3. LOL. He probably goes on an on about it to “enrapture” you into the spirit of things and get you to order more and more food!! XP

  4. Ugh! YOUR WEDDING. The only person who should have any say in any of it is you, your fiance, and whoever is paying for the shindig. Tell the caterer that you want it done your way, with his food, or you’ll go to someone who will meet your requirements. Good luck, and congratulations!

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  6. It’s your wedding. If he can’t respect that, I wouldn’t bother using him for the wedding. If there’s only a few people that you are actually feeding, maybe you could just go to a restaurant after the ceremony and pay for their meal.

  7. It’s your wedding! This is the day when everything should be the way you want it to be – to heck with everyone you says otherwise! ;)