It was my birthday last week. I turned 35. I figured such an auspicious milestone deserved to be marked with full decorum and seemly maturity, so I had a nice dinner with friends, took in a ball game, and spent some time with family.

Then I got my big gift, and all my decorum has suddenly disappeared.

I finally got an MP3 player. No — this is huge!

I hadn’t really bought any new music for like ten years. Somewhere along life’s way, I allowed myself to be convinced that I had shitty taste in music. I was self-conscious about it. So I stopped being a collector of music, and I spent my money on other things. Like good food, and awesome books.

Luckily, my friends at the time all had truly outstanding taste in music, so my life was still filled with good tunes and cool tapes despite my self-imposed musical embargo. I listened to good music, but I didn’t buy it. I bought maybe five cds over ten years.

Then I heard this old Pixies song one day last year, a song I had completely forgotten existed, a song that had always made me squirm with delight, and what do you know, it still did, and something finally snapped.

I started scooping up cds by all the bands I loved in college, no matter how dated or embarrassing they were. I started prowling around music websites, listening to new bands, not caring what the reviews were. I started spending my disposable income like it was disposable or something, and I finally embraced my extreme dorkiness when it comes to music. I was singing in the car again, loudly and vigorously, with big, dramatic, dangerously sweeping hand gestures.

It wasn’t long after I started buying cds again that I started trashing cds again, and realized that this was at least part of the reason why I had stopped buying music — it’s like throwing perfectly good money away. I kill cds.

But this time, rather than throw out the baby with the bathwater, I managed to step into the new century and upgrade my media.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but holy cats, the media has gotten good!

So now I am busy cramming all sorts of undoubtedly lousy, crappy, dated music onto a tiny little wisp of a thing that I am so afraid of trashing I can barely breathe when it is out of its case.

And now I can listen to Cactus over and over again without scratching the cd.

  1. I had an iPod for about four months. I never used it, not even once. It eventually ended up at Sarah’s house because hers broke.

    I personally prefer a walkman. Which reminds me… *starts searching*

  2. I think its about time you downloaded some Pet Shop Boys. :) I think its awesome that you arent letting others control your playlist!

  3. Ah, Cactus!

    I just spent some time reloading my iPod Shuffle last night. It has improved the quality of my life imeasurably.

    Also, the good thing about loading in the old crappy songs is that when you get sick of them, you can delete them.

  4. The Pixies are truly amazing!!