I was sitting here a few moments ago, immersed in my masterpiece of an entry, when John pipes up from the chair next to me.

“Oh Wait!”

I turned to him and raised an eyebrow. He continued.

” Joey might be writing tonight …”

You win, Mr. Michaels. As for the rest of you, expect something from me later.

No, not cookies.

  1. I’m shocked he hasn’t written yet. If I only had his phone number…

    If I only had a phone…

  2. If only I had cookies.

  3. *sits and waits… nothing but a sound in the background*


  4. lol Heather!! You won! He still hasn’t posted! :)

  5. I am all set to post something Hold your breath.

  6. It’s something with the name Michael.. I swear… they always cause trouble, don’t they?