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Why would anyone want to spend money for advertising at The Dead End network?

Could it be the thousands of visits we get each week?

Advertising at The Dead End network gives you the chance to reach thousands of readers every week. Your ad will be placed in prominant, high profile locations on every page in The Dead End network, including The Dead End.net, Radio X show.com, and K-IRB.com, which currently totals over 1,000 pages.

If you have a blog or personal web page and want excellent exposure without breaking the bank, then this is the place for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You let us know what you want us to do
  2. We do it!

Simple, right?

We average over 5,000 hits a day, a PageRank of 4/10, an Alexa rank of 249K, a Technorati ranking of 49K, and an average click-thru rate through the entire Thd Dead End network of 3.50%, which is generally considered very high (MAJOR websites brag about a 0.89% click-thru rate!).

Let’s go over the plans we have:

    Your banner would be placed in heavy rotation and posted on top of every page on all three websites. On The Dead End.net, we have at least three different spots open on top of every entry that your banner could go on! At K-IRB.com and Radio X show.comthere are two spots! Banner ads are cost effective when compared to static buttons, and your ad is considerably larger.
  2. 125×125 STATIC BUTTON
    Your button would be placed in a permanent spot located in all of our sidebars. Static buttons would do better than banner ads, considering your ad is permanently in one spot, not in a rotation with other ads.

We’d love to hear from you to discuss the right advertising plan for your website.

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Please note: All payments are done through PayPal. All products must be paid in full prior to any advertising. The Dead End network reserves the right to refuse any website for advertising. Please see Advertising Terms and Conditions for more information.