Moderators and authors at TheDeadEnd reserve the right to moderate and/or edit comments for the following reasons:

  • if your comment is written simply to offend others
  • if your comment is not in regards to the entry you are posting
  • if your comment is considered spam – this includes using fake email addresses
  • if your comment has the potential to violate our site’s ToS agreement

We at TheDeadEnd promote debate, understand it can get heated, and will not use a blanket set of rules to judge all comments equally because of this. However, because of a few rogue readers that have abused our goodwill in the past, we have set a basic set of standards to help moderate the comments to ensure that rude behavior is kept off.

Translation: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, but if it has nothing to do with the entry you’re commenting in, or if the only thing you have to say is an insult, don’t bother. Open up your own site or forum and spew your hatred there.

Those commenting from comment sites such as Despair should note the following:

Your comments are subject to the same rules that govern all other comments on TheDeadEnd, in addition to the following:

  • if you have nothing to say about the current entry, feel free to go back and comment on the entry before
  • there is no need for you to let us know where you are coming from – you are assigned to comment, therefore we already know and expect you
  • if you fail to comment by when you were assigned to, you will be reported, even if you commented a half hour after the deadline

We at TheDeadEnd are proud to be a part of the Internet community since 2004 (some of us have been around since the ’90s), and are adament in helping other websites promote themselves. However, we do NOT take lightly those that abuse comment sites just to get traffic and feel they don’t have to do their part because nobody will care. We care. And we will do our part to enforce the rules on both our site and on any member sites we are a part of.

TheDeadEnd reserves the right to edit The Dead End Commenting Policy at any time to ensure a positive community for the readers.

If you have any comments in regards to these rules, feel free to contact John at at john@thedeadend.net