It started out as an idea, a group site with multiple bloggers putting together all kinds of pieces stemming from gossip, politics, creative writing, and personal daily notes. With Joey Michaels joining John (our fearless leader), many writers took their place on The Dead End, sharing their writings with others.

Arguably, some great writings have been posted at The Dead End. There were some heart felt entries, some interesting creative writing, and even an active stand against a major blogging network’s position on an issue they had no legal right to claim. Dave incorrectly predicted the next President of the United States would be then-Senator Joe Biden (he did end up as the Vice President). Miranda expressed her road rage issues. And former planet Pluto expressed it’s disgust, too.

What used to be a daily blog turned into a weekly, maybe, update. Plans to change that have come and gone, much like the Republicans chances of winning the White House in 2008. With over 1,300 posts in five years, Mary joined us in directing traffic.

Now, five years later, it is what it was from the very beginning. From before there ever was The Dead End. John writes alone, ranging from personal issues to rants, commentary, and views about… well… anything.

Might as well, it’s paid for.