Ok so I try to love every part of the year and appreciate it- fall: foliage, sweaters, and my birthday.

Winter: SNOWWWW! I LOVE SNOW- but I’m always disappointed because we never good snow anymore.

Spring: Greeennneesss, warmth, get out the flip flops, start fake tanning and leg shaving and of course it brings…

Summer: I love summer. I sit on the beach (when I can) for days and get crispy, t shirts and warm breezes, I love it. I want to roll in it.

So I sit here looking out my window seeing all this green thinking why the hell is it 57 on May 2nd- and I’m grateful? Well, my store has no air conditioning and mold problem. Put two and two together then add heat and then times that by bad circulation. Imagine how much business we lost during the heat wave?

Now add: me ranting and nagging and raving and getting everyone on the other end. That equals: a meeting to discuss our a/c getting fixed. Hey it’s progress.

Hopefully they’ll fix it- I can go back to enjoying my seasons! :-D

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