Mariah sat on her bed with the light off, the screen of her laptop preventing the surrounding darkness from engulfing her. Silly or not, she sometimes felt as if it would do more than merely touch her skin, invading her body and ripping apart her soul as it fed on all her guilt and doubts, discarding what little of her true self that was left as if it was worse than last weeks garbage.

The question that bounced through her mind this night was whether or not that’s what would be for the best anyway, convinced that she was nothing more than a waste of space and a slave to nonexistence.

Tears slid down her face as visions of what she wished her life was like swam lazily through her mind, taunting her with the happiness and the freedom they depicted. She knew what she wanted and everyone seemed to have their opinions on how she should get there.

What so few seemed to understand was that the only path to getting there was almost worse than letting the darkness take over… the path to those haunting visions went against everything that she was and following it would destroy her.

Don’t worry about Mariah though… in a cruel twist of fate she’s not one to give up completely. She just stares at that screen waiting for who-knows-what until the sun comes up, when it’s safe to finally succumb to calls of sleep.

  1. I really really love the imagery of that first paragraph. You really do have a talent!