I’d really love to see how the Republican Party is going to blow off this one.

Former Congressman Mark FoleyThe recent resignation of Congressman Mark Foley, a Republican from Florida, represents the straw that broke the camel’s back for his party in my eyes. The Republicans have tried their darndest to avoid talking about the various cases of corruption and unethical conduct on the part of members of their party, but with less than six weeks now until the election, this could not have come at a worse time.

This will be fresh on the minds of many voters, especially since it took the prodding of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to even get the Republican house to vote to start an investigation into Foley’s actions and whether the Page program is safe.

What really gets me about this situation is that Foley, who was finishing out his sixth term, was co-chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children Caucus. He has served on this caucus for most of his time in the House of Representatives, which is why he reached the level of co-chair. One can only assume that the reason he was involved in this important caucus was to feed his own perversions.

While he was spending his time in the caucus trying to defend children against predators, he was preying on them himself. I am hopeful that the investigation will lead to criminal charges against Foley, because ordinary citizens who are caught doing the same thing he did would end up in court. He deserves the same fate, and the irony behind this is that he may suffer from the work he initiated in Congress. Karma’s quite a bitch.

In any case, while Foley’s actions do not mean that the entire Republican Party is full of pedophiles, it is just another example of the hypocrisy that this party represents. While Foley was not an overly-conservative member of the party, so many of them who are have suffered similar fates for various reasons…bribery, abuse of power, illegal campaign contributions…would throw the Bible or the Ten Commandments at you on a moment’s notice once you do something they deem unethical. I think it might be time for them to start pointing their fingers at themselves.

Foley’s seat was considered a safe one, so this loss will hurt the Republicans in their bid to keep leadership in the House. Someone will be appointed to replace Foley on the ballot, but that individual is likely to be a nobody, and the Democrat in that district will definitely receive a boost from this. The uphill battle the Republicans were facing nationwide has just gotten a little steeper.

  1. It is very sad that the very person that was put in a postion to help missing and exploited children was the man who appears to be a predator himself. As I listen to all the politicans coming to his defense, I wonder how many teenagers were effected for life by Mr. Foley’s action. He certainly needs help and safeguards should be put into effect immediately to ensure that no other childern are explioted by our elected officals in Washington.

  2. While this is sick, I think that if the Democrats harp on this too much, it will end up hurting *them* instead of the GOP.

    Both parties are hypocritical, not just the GOP. But to liberals, all Republicans are the second-coming of Satan (my bad! Don’t call out the ACLU on me! Didn’t mean to mention anything remotely religious!). To Republicans, all Democrats are the second-coming of Bill Clinton (because we all know how Bill Clinton is the closest thing to Lucifer himself walking the Earth to the Republicans).

    We just need a third party. But I’m not here to spew my ideological banter.

  3. I have to comment since im from despair.nu but to be honest I have no interest at all in politics so umm yea thats it. sorry :[

  4. you know what? im sorry- this is histerical. I dont think the writers for any of those garbage copy-cat catch-a-pedifile shows could never have written this one better. Now that terrorists are no longer the rage we need some sort of entertainment and socially bad guy. The thing is for this guy his polical carreer is over and people like me will laugh at the incredible irony of it all. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Unfortunately- if he had been in new york state- he could communicate with any 17 year old boy he wanted- legally with out question- except from his wife, maybe. You’d think that since he created all these laws and what not he would be smarter.